More to Life Than Napa

Those that hail wines from across the pond I find have one thing in mind, and that is power. Power, richness, juiciness, copious amounts of ABV and an unsurprising lack of finesse. In the short space of time, about three months to be exact, I read The Judgement of Paris, had an introduction to Peay... Continue Reading →

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R. Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia 2006 Reserva

A classic expression of Rioja, always better with some bottle age and life in the old thing yet. 100% a blend of Carignan, Tempranillo, Graciano and Morrastel Bouchet. Classic American oak notes of sweet, Christmas spice, exotic coconut, mixed with the charm of freshly worn leather and dark red cherry. With a 143 year history,... Continue Reading →

A few notes on starting my own thing…

This will probably come across as a tad cliché, but ultimately, I think it’s necessary. As you may or may not know, I studied politics. There’s relevance to this… The degree itself is irrelevant, but it gained me my first job in hospitality, working under a great chef who trained at the Ritz London, and... Continue Reading →

A few wines from Christmas…

I thought I’d start of the new year touching on a few wines I had on Christmas Day 2019: Beau Joie Brut Rose Non-Vintage. Champagne, France What can I say other than bling bling bling… the copper really kept the wine cold over a prolonged period of time. It looks great and acted as a... Continue Reading →

A tale about a Chateau Citran 1970

I will always maintain wine is a never-ending journey of self-discovery. It’s beautiful and poetic, even in its seeming pretentiousness (this, is something I do not advocate!); it is something you will never cease to learn more about. I often ask fellow colleagues, peers and friends that are enthusiastic about a wine or types of... Continue Reading →

Gamay: Hooray!

Going forward, I intend to make my posts more easily digestible and ‘bitesize’. I have come to think that syllables in the hundreds of thousands bores the reader – especially as my intent is to entice new readers and new drinkers to discover the world’s most complex but rewarding drink. I am going to say... Continue Reading →

Burgundy vs. Bordeaux: my take.

I drink more Bordeaux because there is more good claret made, and it’s easy to get, and you’re always chasing after the ultimate bottle of Burgundy – Hugh Johnson I am by no means an expert in the two noble grapes of Burgundy, though I have tasted it enough to last me a lifetime. Many... Continue Reading →

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